Automatic leads generation

AI Workers provides a solution for automatic leads generation What AI Workers utilizes World Jobs Stream to create qualified sales leads. Delivering: business profiles, categories, rich search, and access to direct contacts. How automatic leads generation works? AI Workers reuses the aggregated clean jobs data from worldwide jobs stream. Business details are added to each … Continue reading Automatic leads generation

Automated IT Jobs analytics

Worldwide IT Jobs analytics automated by AI Workers What: AI Workers gathered data on top 10000 IT companies hiring worldwide, findings are presented below. Learnings from IT Jobs analytics: General statistics IT Jobs and IT companies discovered by AI Workers: Total New in 30 days Jobs 118366 7354 Companies 14441 1655 Most popular IT languages … Continue reading Automated IT Jobs analytics

Marketing RPA / Analytics automation – Case Study

Example of Marketing RPA powered by AI Workers What: AI Workers automatically generates marketing reports with an overview of the blockchain hiring ecosystem for our partners at Dappros US, UK blockchain developers. How: AIWorkers automatically: Aggregate information from 500+ job listing websites. Removes duplicates, noise, incorrect data. Enriches geographic data. Provides open source business intelligence … Continue reading Marketing RPA / Analytics automation – Case Study

Video Stream Automation – Case Study

Deep Learning Alerts Triage System – Example of Video Stream Automation What: Together with our partners at Covijn Ltd – Computer vision company we developed “Deep Learning Alerts Triage System”. One instance of the platform can analyse hundreds of video feeds simultaneously mixing multiple deep learning and algorithmic decision support systems, ranking their recommendations in … Continue reading Video Stream Automation – Case Study

AI Worker – Autonomous RPA agent

AI Worker (AIW) is a combination of software, and machine learning models deployed in the cloud, edge or locally, capable to perform various tasks on the human-like level. AI Workers are a scalable, low-cost alternative to human workers for repeatable tasks which do not require deep domain expertise. AIW can be programmed to perform a … Continue reading AI Worker – Autonomous RPA agent

Worldwide jobs

Worldwide jobs analytics powered by AI Workers What: AI Workers in fully autonomous mode visits over 500 public web-sites to learn about current hiring needs worldwide. This learnings in the aggregated form are being served as a stream of enriched data inside our RPA Hub. Other AI Workers can be triggered by new events (e.g. … Continue reading Worldwide jobs