Worldwide jobs

Worldwide jobs analytics powered by AI Workers

Worldwide jobs stream - OSINT Automation - RPA AI Workers


AI Workers in fully autonomous mode visits over 500 public web-sites to learn about current hiring needs worldwide. This learnings in the aggregated form are being served as a stream of enriched data inside our RPA Hub. Other AI Workers can be triggered by new events (e.g. data points) discovered in data.


AIWorkers automatically:

  • Aggregate information from 500+ job listing websites.
  • Removes duplicates, noise, incorrect data.
  • Enriches geographic data.
  • Enriches data with open source business intelligence information on companies and contacts.
  • Creates a stream of text and media content from aggregated data.
  • This stream of data can be used by other AI Workers within our RPA Hub platform.


  • Over 10x reduction in time and cost vs human doing the same task.
  • Over 250 human hours saved per month.
  • Enables new multi-vector sales.
  • Enabling multidimensional business analytics. Incl. competitors, trends, sales leads, marketing reports, etc.

How can you leverage worldwide jobs stream and AI Workers in your business?

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