AI Worker – Autonomous RPA agent

AI Worker (AIW) is a combination of software, and machine learning models deployed in the cloud, edge or locally, capable to perform various tasks on the human-like level.

AI Workers are a scalable, low-cost alternative to human workers for repeatable tasks which do not require deep domain expertise.

AIW can be programmed to perform a specific, scripted task, or look for a solution based on reward patter. AIW can learn from humans, other AIWs and generalise on different tasks.

AI Worker can act in multiple environments, including:

  • Web
  • Operation Systems (Win-based, Linux, MacOS)
  • Mobile
  • Media (Voice/Video)
  • Databases and network layers
  • Real-world (via human augmentation, or local devices)

AI Workers are collaborative and can be augmented with humans.

Learn more: AI Worker automation case studies

Automation limitations

  • In some cases automation are prohibited by the environment. Please respect the law and the TOS.
  • Some forms of real-time biometrics verification*
  • In-person interactions*
  • Deep domain expertise*\**

* – can be augmented with human agent

** – we would love to learn more about your task, contact us.

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