Marketing RPA / Analytics automation – Case Study

Example of Marketing RPA powered by AI Workers

Example of marketing RPA and content generation automated by AI Workers. Result: Fully automated analytics and marketing reports.


AI Workers automatically generates marketing reports with an overview of the blockchain hiring ecosystem for our partners at Dappros US, UK blockchain developers.


AIWorkers automatically:

  • Aggregate information from 500+ job listing websites.
  • Removes duplicates, noise, incorrect data.
  • Enriches geographic data.
  • Provides open source business intelligence information on target companies and contacts.
  • Creates text and media content from aggregated data.
  • Creates report and draft of WordPress blog post, and sends it to approval for a senior manager at Dappros.


  • 100+ human hours saved per month.
  • Enabling multidimensional business analytics. Incl. competitors, trends, etc.
  • Automatic quality control.
  • 5-10x reduction in cost vs human doing the same task.

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