Video Stream Automation – Case Study

Deep Learning Alerts Triage System – Example of Video Stream Automation

Video Stream Automation, Media RPA example: "Deep Learning Alerts Triage System"


Together with our partners at Covijn Ltd – Computer vision company we developed “Deep Learning Alerts Triage System”.

One instance of the platform can analyse hundreds of video feeds simultaneously mixing multiple deep learning and algorithmic decision support systems, ranking their recommendations in real-time and presenting operator only with most important actionable detections.

product demo by Covijn LTD



  • Integrates into Kurento Media Server to consume CCTV and UAV video feeds in different formats.
  • Analyses hundreds of video streams in real-time and send event detection signals and basic telemetry to the human operator interface.
  • Platform adjusts to local conditions non-invasively collecting operator’s feedback. No need to have data scientist involved to re-train the system.


  • Enables a single human operator to work with 10x more video streams.
  • Enables fully autonomous video-stream monitoring.
  • Ten times cost reduction vs human doing the same set of tasks.
  • The project has been selected and got funded by the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom

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