Automatic leads generation

AI Workers provides a solution for automatic leads generation


AI Workers utilizes World Jobs Stream to create qualified sales leads. Delivering: business profiles, categories, rich search, and access to direct contacts.

How automatic leads generation works?

  • AI Workers reuses the aggregated clean jobs data from worldwide jobs stream.
  • Business details are added to each data point via our internal tools and 3rd party APIs.
  • Companies details are enriched with access to publically available contact details.
  • A sales lead is created via merging the initial job posting data with business details and public contacts.

Sales lead contains:

  • Business description – from the target company website
  • Business category – from internal ever-evolving database
  • Link to company’s website
  • Links to social profiles
  • Location data – text address transformed to geodata
  • The aggregated list of jobs postings
  • Access to publicly available contact details

Additional services available:

  • Export to CRM, Database, or other interfaces of your choice.
  • Access to raw data (CSV, pdf, excel).
  • Rest API access.
  • Full-text search (via Elasticsearch) across all companies, with tags, categories, geo area, and other filters.

Why you need this?

Early access to true competitive advantage in the hyperconnected world of industry 4.0. -or- to survive and make money.

Access is limited (we are a small team). Let’s talk if you feel the pain: